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Posted: 10:43 pm on May 12, 2011 3 Comments

A Defective Theory

In Darwin’s Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection believed that fossil evidence to prove his theory of gradual progression from one species into another, would eventually be found.   It has been 150 years and no such evidence exists. Where is the fossil evidence of lizards transitioning into birds?  This I would like to see, since their lung functions are so radically different, it could not have happened gradually nor rapidly.  No fossil transitions equal no proof.  There is not

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The Dark Side of the Universe

When other boys were reading comic books I would find myself reading Encyclopedias!  Then looking up those things in the Dictionary.  No few times would you find me in a closet, after bed time, flashlight in hand…just reading. Absorbing….sponging…pondering.  But there was no mention of it in my old Encyclopedias (yes, honey they had color pictures then!…that came just after the dinosaurs).  Yes, I still have some of my old ones…banished to the garage, but…yes, the Man Cave!

When I was

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Posted: 6:52 am on March 03, 2011 1 Comment

Giving Up My Droid For An iPhone

So recently I gave up my loyal Droid that has been like a best friend to me for almost two years now for a slicker, younger looking iPhone. Maybe there’s something wrong with me that I compare phones to relationships but they are, aren’t they? We invest a lot of time into them. We spend almost all day if not all night with them. We buy them accessories to make them look nicer. Should I go on? Let me just give you my review on the two phones.

The Droid: He has to be from Mars, it’s rugged

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Posted: 4:57 pm on January 25, 2011 4 Comments

Email Chain Letters And Blessings

How many email messages have you ever received from Christians or non-Christian friends that ask you to pass on this email message to seven others and to not break this chain.  It claims that if you do, you will receive a blessing.

One such email I received said this:  Forward this email to seven people and you will be blessed at 7 p.m. today and don’t break this chain or you will miss out on this blessing. I count as one so send it back to me.

Another email message told me that if I

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Community Lost In Wave Of Technology

Yesterday morning the ministry bat phone went off (ok, maybe it was my husband’s iPhone, but you get the point).  A red alert was issued for the women’s bible study that very night.  The leader was down, hospitalized with a vicious migraine, and backups were being called.

Back-ups, oh right…I guess that means me. Sometimes I forget that leading the women’s ministry also means being the understudy.

It was the very first night of the new ministry season, kicking off the working women’s

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Posted: 5:53 pm on January 06, 2011 1 Comment

Apple Poisons Freedom Of Speech

Apple has limited religious speech again, setting a dangerous precedent that has the potential to negatively impact religious communication in America. Last fall, Apple approved the Manhattan Declaration iPhone application, and gave it a “4+” rating, indicating that it was free of objectionable material, only to remove it after a small number of gay-rights activists expressed their objection to the Declaration’s goal of supporting traditional marriage.  In December the Manhattan Declaration

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Can God Use Facebook to Answer Prayers?

I knew something had to happen soon. My husband, Bruce was getting worse and worse. The dementia was progressing rapidly. Bruce was finding it harder and harder to form a simple sentence. He couldn't communicate to tell me his needs; He couldn't do the simplest tasks for himself. If this kept up I wasn't sure what would happen, but I knew that God was with us, had been with us from the start of this nightmare, and He would direct.

"Lord, I need your wisdom," I whispered. "Direct me; show me

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The Christmas Story — Facebook Style

This Christmas, get a new perspective on the Christmas Story via a video called A Social Network Christmas produced by Igniter Media Group.

"This video is an artistic take on how the story of the nativity might have read had a social network existed at the time of Jesus's birth. Follow this historical period as it unfolds as a digital narrative. This vignette is great for highlighting the truths and circumstances of our Savior's birth in a fresh, unique

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Apple Censors Christian Organization

Last week, Apple removed an iPhone app promoting the Manhattan Declaration, a 4700-word document released a year ago which affirms the sanctity of human life, the dignity of marriage as the conjugal union of husband and wife, and the rights of conscience and religious liberty. According to its website, the Manhattan Declaration app was accepted by Apple and rated as a 4+, meaning it contained no objectionable material. Yet the app, which had been available on iTunes since mid-October, was

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The Best of the Best Around the Christian Net

Linking you to the top 5 Christian blog posts of the week—posts that provide robust, rich, and relevant insights for living. 

Chronic Pain and the Church

Pastor Mark Kelly has “been there, done that” when it comes to chronic pain. He speaks from his heart and from the wisdom God has given him as a caring pastor. Check out what he has to say and the sources he recommends at Chronic Pain and the Church

Teaching Children the Gospel at Christmas

Wow! That’s what I thought when I

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The Universe: Young or Old?

All that scientists have are theories in explaining the ancient universe.  This is seen as a given to the vast majority of scientists, but not all modern secular (“big bang”) theorists have cosmologies that agree.  Science is in the business of making arbitrary assumptions (theories) without having conclusive scientific evidence.   One such belief is that the universe has no boundaries—no edge and no center.  In this assumed universe, every galaxy would be surrounded by galaxies spread evenly

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Posted: 7:00 am on October 05, 2010 Be the first to comment on this post

#biblechat: A Twitter Bible Study

For anyone who is using Twitter to connect with friends, promote their business or even reach out to fellow Christians online, you may or may not have heard about #biblechat.  This chat held on Twitter every Monday night at 9pm EST/ 8pm Central continues to grow!  Yesterday marked #biblechat's fourth week in the book of Hebrews! The goal of #biblechat is to bring fellow Christian tweeters together to build relationships, share encouragment, challenge each other and pray for each other via

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Posted: 2:31 pm on September 20, 2010 1 Comment

Putting A Christian Filter On Search Engines

I, and probably all of you, use Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc., to search Web traffic without giving it a whole lot of thought.

And, if you use search engines with any kind of regularity, you’ve either fat-fingered a keystroke or pulled on a search list that made you go, “Whoa! I’m sure glad my kids didn’t see me pull that up.”

Of course when it comes to controlling what your kids – or you, for that matter – see online, the Internet equivalent of flipping the TV remote to a different station

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DNA Net Closing Faster Than Criminals Can Wiggle

Technology is moving faster than a speeding bullet. It isn’t Superman, but it’s getting close.

A team of scientists in Great Britain and a team at University of Arizona in Phoenix joined forces and have developed a nifty gadget using microfluidity technology to process DNA results at the lightening speed of four hours. (Remember back in the 1990s this process took a month or more.) An article at explains in greater detail.

The police in the UK usually have to

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Posted: 8:29 am on August 23, 2010 1 Comment

Something To Say - The Benefits of Social Networking

I've been blogging now off and on since October 2008, and for me, it's not just merely a avenue of self expression. It's a way of reaching out. I've got something to say!

But so do you!

I look forward to connecting with you and sharing with you. I eagerly wait for comments and replies. Most of us will never see each other face to face in person, but we build and establish online Christian fellowship with one another, much like the Early Christians did with Paul through letters in the New

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