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Posted 2:15 pm on March 30, 2009

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I just received a phone call from Danny this morning.

He was on his way back to California from a few days back in Wisconsin. During his visit, he was able attend church at Faith Builders on Sunday.

It was unannounced, and I’m sure you can imagine how excited everyone was to get an opportunity to see him. He said this morning that it was just so good to be in service and see everyone and receive the Word of God. He’s refreshed and ready to go!

He was up with Pastor Jeffrey Pruitt before the service and as soon as praise and worship started, he wanted to get into the sanctuary right away because he just couldn’t wait to get into God’s presence.

Based on his very hectic schedule on “American Idol”, he is not able to go to church much out in California. They keep you pretty much on a tight schedule.

One thing I can tell you from a personal viewpoint: Danny is still the same guy he was a few months back. Obviously this guy’s life has changed in so many ways, but he is still the upbeat, fun, real Danny we know. He sincerely loves God and is just a “down to earth” guy! He keeps things in perspective and stays grounded by what got him there!

Danny said, “It was real tough to see Michael Sarver being eliminated last week, Michael is the real deal” and he is going to miss him tremendously.

He said that he is so glad that he’ll get to hang with him again in the summer concert tour. Danny and Michael are very close friends and even spent time together in prayer. They were also roommates on the show. As I’m sure you all are aware, Michael is a very strong family man and was looking forward to being at home with his wife and daughter.

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