2 Weeks to Go

We’ve got two weeks to go in our weight-loss challenge and I feel great. We started the challenge in mid-January. At church, we have worked out together as a group and have encouraged one another throughout this process.

Besides getting together to encourage one another, I have been working out at home once or twice a week, counting calories and drinking lots of water. My typical diet has been an instant breakfast in the morning, a Subway sandwich for lunch, an apple for a snack and a regular dinner with a smaller portion size.

We’ve learned a lot about nutrition as part of the challenge. Water holds the key to life. Eating natural, God-given foods is important as well as limiting the portion size and cutting back on starches and carb.

A challenge for me has been getting exercise. As part of my job, I am always standing or walking but not really exercising. My Tuesday/Thursday workouts at church have been great and I try to get more exercise in at home on other days.

This past week, I got some new clothes. That was so cool! The thing I’ll cherish most through this is the love and support I have gotten from so many people. Our pastor works out with us sometimes and for that we are very thankful.

Of course, whatever the end result we want God to get the glory!


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