3 Things to Help You Be Real With God

There is danger in telling how you really feel.  Getting close enough to tell someone even something minor is risky.  Never mind finding a friend you could trust enough to reveal your inner self.  I have trusted many of the wrong people with private information, only to find I was a fool – and now everyone knew it.  It has taken me a lot of years to build an inner circle of people I could actually tell anything too.  Even at that, I can count those people on one hand.

It’s not that I’m guarded, but there is Scriptural basis for that (Proverbs 4:23).  What really makes me hesitant to completely reveal my thoughts are the scars from when I’ve done that before.  We have all been burned by the gossips and the worst is when they tell the ugly truth about you.  It’s arguably easier to dismiss lies, since you know what they are saying is untrue.  But when you’ve told someone a piece of information that was supposed to remain in confidence and it didn’t, it is a knife to the heart!

Perhaps this is what keeps us from being real with God – our past experiences of getting burned.  Or it could be we don’t trust Him enough, or maybe we think He won’t like what we have to say.  It could be we don’t feel worthy enough to enter into conversation with Him.  And in some cases, you could already be close to Him, but telling Him about how you don’t like Him or what He is doing in your life feels wrong.

We are incorrect if we think God is small enough to be scared of us.  For instance, He ensured Job, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes and Jesus’ last words from the Cross were available to thousands of generations of His Children.  There are so many things about this life that is hard – and He knows it.  Even better, He wants us to know He knows.

It is always up to us whether we choose to fall on the side of belief or despair.  When you are on the fence, there are three things that you can remember about The Lord:

  1. Jesus is your Friend.  Christ came to connect people – to Himself, to The Father and to His Spirit.  Connection means relationship – and in relationship there is a measure of trust as well as accountability as we build the levels of intimacy.  Jesus proved He was our Friend on the Cross, and we prove we are His Friends when we love Him and one another.  (John 15:14, Matthew 22:37-39.)
  2. He is ready for your tough questions.  Scripture is not just a collection of platitudes; it is a living, breathing vessel of truth.  And those truths aren’t always easy.  We can see that throughout the Bible, people have come to The Lord during the hardest of times.  He constantly reminds us through His Word He hears and will do something about it.  We find rest when we bring our prayers it to His attention.  (Job 7, Psalm 3, Psalm 5:1-3, Psalm 9:12, Psalm 6, John 9:12, Rev 6:9-10)
  3. His love for you never changes.  Our relationship with The Lord is not dependent on how we feel about Him or what He has brought to our life on any given day.  He doesn’t change, He stays faithful, true and loving.  Nothing separates us from Him, once we have accepted His Son as Lord and Savior.  It is true to say the health of our relationship with Him can vary based on the effort we put in to it, but that connection to Him is never broken.  (Numbers 14:18, Romans 8:38-39; Hebrews 13:8).

When you feel like giving up is exactly the time to stand up and fight.  Confess how you feel so He can help you sort through your feelings.  Feelings are ok to have – He made us with them – but it is when we let them oppress us we move into the danger zone.  When you take the opportunity to get real with The Lord, you find He is the One Person you can always trust.  He keeps the strictest of confidences and there is no sugar-coating necessary in conversation with Him.  Share your heart with Him today and find the peace you need to keep fighting this good fight of faith.

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