Florida doctor displays own version of health care reform

No matter where you may fall in the myriad of issues surrounding health care reform, one guy who seems to get it and will continue to do so no matter what Congress is Pedro Jose “Joe” Greer.

CNN profiles Greer for his compassion of treating uninsured patients in Miami. In his view – and how refreshing is this in all the back and forth about public options and Medicare reimbursement rates? – the only thing that really matters is the patient.

“I don’t know when it became socially acceptable in our country to refuse a patient because they have no funds,” he told CNN .

Greer has taken his lifelong passion for helping the disadvantaged to homeless shelters and under bridges. In the past 25 years he’s seen more than 5,000 people at the bottom rungs of society’s ladder in his clinic. Earlier this month he received a Presidential Medal of Freedom.

And best of all, he sees the inner workings of the human body as a creation not defined by socioeconomic status.

“We look at them as other people. ‘Those people,’ ” he said. “We’re no different. Believe me, you do a colonoscopy — all colons look the same,” he said.

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