Real Friendship Involves Going the Extra Mile

Katie’s friend, Natasha, constantly calls to vent and complain about what is going on in her life. Very seldom does she ask Katie how she is doing. Katie often feels depressed and exhausted after speaking with her friend. To remedy the problem, Katie avoids taking Natasha’s phone calls. Can you relate?

It can be draining giving your all to a friend while feeling you aren’t getting that same support in return. If you have this concern, don’t give up on the person or throw away the friendship. There are more positive ways of dealing with your frustrations and improving the relationship.


In all relationships, positive communication is essential. Make your concerns known to your friend and allow him or her the opportunity to make conscious efforts to reciprocate the support you provide. Friend is a covenant word, and in a covenant relationship, each party is responsible for giving the advantage, not taking advantage. Everyone deserves the benefit of the doubt. Honestly express your feelings rather than avoiding the issue and that person. You’ll find that many relationship issues have simple solutions, when you take the time to deal with them head on.

Walk in love

Don’t become so frustrated with one small issue that you overlook the reason you and the other person became friends. In covenant relationships, the parties involved exchange their weaknesses for strengths so that everyone benefits. If your strength is listening and giving great advice, don’t hold back; God wants to use you to help someone else. Walk in love. Make sure you continue to show genuine interest and concern for your friend; even if you don’t have his or her undivided attention.

God rejoices in relationships even during their turbulent times. By walking in His love and making positive efforts to mend your relationships, you will allow God an opportunity to celebrate through you! In the meanwhile, take the time to talk more to God. Friends and family may fail you, but God never will.

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