Offering daily prayers for Haiti

It’s Super Bowl time, which means many Americans’ focus will understandably be on football and, of course, all the advertising. Add to this the continuing economic roller coaster and the recent entertainment blitz over the Grammy winners and Oscar nominees and Haiti is already starting to take somewhat of a backseat.

Neither is this a criticism nor a surprise. Our culture and much of our popular media is aimed at the quick answer and solution before moving on to whatever’s next. Despite this natural tendency the specter of Haitian relief will be with us for years.

“We are especially concerned about children’s needs and vulnerabilities in this disaster,” Steve Haas of World Vision said earlier this week. “We know it is going to be a marathon – and not a sprint – to help them and their families recover and rebuild their lives.”

The non-profit organization is also suggesting daily prayer points throughout February for Haitian children.

Emphasis includes food and water (Mondays), injury recovery and health (Tuesdays), homelessness (Wednesdays), family livelihoods (Thursdays), children’s voices being heard (Fridays), comfort and healing (Saturdays), and safety and protection (Sundays).

Whether going on a prescribed program helps you stay accountable to yourself or if Haiti has already become a daily prayer priority for you, the effort is worthwhile regardless.

The necessity to pray for recovery and the civilians and military personnel providing it is a small personal way to show your faith in addition to the ongoing need for financial support.

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