Free Will and Decision Making

How well do you know yourself? When you are in a tight situation that has your mental and emotional engines running, are you likely to make decisions based on your feelings, or based on the Word of God? Can you trust yourself to operate according to the Bible, even when you are tempted to do things your way? How you handle situations in life has a huge impact on your destiny. In order to be successful and overcome the strategies of the devil, it is essential that your decisions be founded on the Word and not your emotions.

God has given each of us a free will. It is the ability to make your own decisions. You must choose how you will respond to the stressors of life; God won’t do it for you. Of course He would love for you to handle things according to the precepts He has laid out in the Bible, but He can’t make you do anything. You will have to line your emotions and your will up with the Word and make a quality decision that you will handle every situation you face according to the Scriptures.

Even though God has a specific plan for your life, your free will and ability to make your own decisions have the potential to take you off course if you are not careful. Having options is a wonderful thing, but it calls for wisdom on your part. Serving God includes showing respect for Him and His laws of living. Therefore, it is in your best interest to use the free will He gave you to govern yourself in ways that please Him.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could sit around and let God make all your decisions for you? While it seems ideal, God wants you to increase your knowledge, understanding and ability to make wise choices. By constantly renewing your mind and allowing the Word to be your final authority, you can ensure successful decision-making every time.

God wants your choices to reflect your personal commitment and love for Him. Therefore, everything about you, from your conversation to the way you live, should be the result of your conscious decision to operate in God’s will for your life. Seeking wisdom by meditating on the Word, applying it to your life and making sound decisions are the keys to your success and victory over the circumstances you face.

As you grow in your walk with God, you will have plenty of opportunities to make decisions that will affect your destiny. When you make decisions, you have the right to ask for the help that your salvation has made available to you. God gave man the Holy Spirit to assist in this process (John 14:26). During times of confusion, call on Him for the wisdom you need. He is ready and willing to aid in your decision-making process and will give you divine information that lines up with God’s Word.

Whatever you do, don’t make emotional decisions that will lead you away from the will of God for your life. No matter what you are feeling, take a moment to pray and seek God before speaking or acting. Doing so can save you from disaster later.

You have the ability to make wise decisions when you allow your life to be led by the Word and the Spirit of God and instead of your emotions. He has set before you two options: life and death (Deuteronomy 30:19). Demonstrate to God and yourself that you can be trusted to make good decisions by choosing the path that will lead to life, both on earth and in Heaven.

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