A Birthday Worth Celebrating

We are celebrating a very special birthday in my home today. No particular milestone. No balloons. No gifts. No grim reaper. No aging jokes.

We are celebrating the one-year anniversary of my son’s baptism in Christ. Anniversaries of baptisms are something I want to celebrate and I want my kids to remember. The Bible talks about two types of birth–our natural birth and our rebirth. It occured to me several years ago that we probably make too much of a fuss about our calendar birthdays, while many of us struggle in adulthood to remember the day we were baptized in Christ. Since the latter has external significance, this is something I do not want to forget.

We won’t have a big party this afternoon, just some birthday cake. When our son asks about gifts, we’ll tell him that he has already received the greatest gift that he could ever receive and that any other gift falls well short. Then we’ll give thanks for his decision to follow Christ and continue to encourage him in his walk.



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