A Case Worker Helped End The Bipolar Disorder Nightmare

When our daughter's first case worker appeared at our door we were sceptic. What did he know about the battles of the mind? I was convinced that all she needed was prayer, and God would do the rest. I forgot that God often uses man to accomplish his purpose.

The case worker had more patience with us than I did with him. I'm sure he had dealt with families like ours before, but he was very polite in his dealings with us. Samantha didn't think she needed him and we agreed.

It wasn't until she had had several breaks that she got another worker on her case. By then I had learned to accept any help with my daughter as a blessing, but I still wouldn't have believed that the case worker would be God's angel (messenger) to answer our prayers.

When Samantha had her first break she thought someone was tampering with her mind and was suspicious of any drugs. Her father and I were also very suspicious of the use of drugs in dealing with the mind, and so, she came home without medication.

This changed after we had had her home for a while and she had done some pretty scarey things. We took her to the hospital again and this time we let them prescribe risperdal for her. It seemed to help some, but she still kept having breaks three or four times a year. It got so that she was never OK. She always seemed to be either going into or coming out of a break. Only our prayers kept her from serious harm.

Through all this she had a case worker coming regularly for visits. He said he wished the doctor would change her meds. He had seen enough other cases to know that the right medication could make a big difference.

When Samantha's psychiatrist moved away and she started going to our family doctor, her case worker went with her and talked to the doctor. He suggested to the doctor that he take her off the risperdal and put her on olanzapine. Our family doctor listened.

Samantha has gone several years now without a break. She has a good job, working in the mental health field. She is living for God, seeking His will for her life.

To all those who work in the mental health field, I want to say that we appreciate you. Thank you all for your patience. May God bless you.

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