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I’m a committed Christian. Committed. I don’t do things in life unless I feel they are “God-blessed” or “God-okayed.” I just don’t. That’s why I was really astonished at myself…

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My girls were in a Christian school. Then we took them out and put them in public school for 3 years. Now they are back at a Christian school. No…

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I get so frustrated. I believe strongly in the Lord, Jesus Christ. I believe in salvation. I believe a lot of things. I love hearing about how people accept Jesus…

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Can you hear me, God? Can you hear all the fears rushing through my head and heart – even though I try so hard to trust you? Can you see…

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We live in a narcissistic world. We have been trained without even realizing it, maybe, that our focus should be all about our image and ourselves. I’m seeing this type…

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