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Have you ever run in a race or prepared for a marathon?  Or do you play a sport?  I’m sure you have come to understand that in order for there…

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So often we think we can influence someone by what we say.  We try to win arguments or sway people to our side with our eloquent, well-thought-out words.  Yet most…

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Do you have a ready heart?  It’s the key to understanding the kingdom of God, as we are told in Matthew 13:11-15 (The Message).  The disciples had asked Jesus a…

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Sometimes we make prayer to be so much more complicated than is necessary.  Prayer is really a simple way of connecting to God.  Yet some take it to extremes or…

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Do you equate spiritual maturity with age?  It really has nothing to do with it.  You could be in your 50’s and be no more spiritual than someone who is…

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