Barna study points to Hispanics’ drift away from Catholicism

A study released by the well-established Christian polling organization Barna Group shows how the faith of Hispanics has diversified and deepened as their presence and influence in American society has increased. The study shows that Hispanics are increasingly more and more like whites in the expression of their Christian beliefs. Comparing whites and Hispanics showed, proportionally, almost identical numbers in several areas including belief that their faith is very important in their life, perception about Jesus’ divinity, and the likelihood of regularly reading the Bible. Most strikingly the study showed some drifting away from Catholicism and a greater embrace of evangelical philosophies on the part of Hispanics. Compared to a similar faith profile done in 1994, alignment with the Catholic Church is down 25 percent, claiming to be born again is up 17 percent and making a personal commitment to follow Jesus Christ is up 15 percent. “You cannot help but notice the changing relationship between Hispanics and the Catholic Church,” noted Barna Group CEO George Barna. “While many Hispanic immigrants come to the United States with ties to Catholicism, the research shows that many of them eventually connect with a Protestant church. Even more significant is the departure of many second and third generation Hispanics from their Catholic tradition.” Link: Complete Barna Group survey results:

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