Best Crop Ever

Who hasn’t had at least one great crop in their life? The farmer relishes the number of bushels per acre. The housewife gazes contentedly on her excellent Thanksgiving dinner spread, A teen gets his first paycheck. The 10-year-old delights in his allowance. The businessman crows over his big deal. All of them had an increase over what they had originally. 

But there is a much more satisfying crop. Look at this!

Yes, the gladness you have given me is far greater than their joys at harvest time as they gaze at their bountiful crops.

(Psalm 4:7, LB)

What is that gladness?

 O God, you have declared me perfect in your eyes; you have always cared for me in my distress; now hear me as I call again. Have mercy on me. Hear my prayer.  Mark this well: The Lord has set apart the redeemed for himself. Therefore, he will listen to me and answer when I call to him.  Stand before the Lord in awe, and do not sin against him. Lie quietly upon your bed in silent meditation.  Put your trust in the Lord, and offer him pleasing sacrifices. Many say that God will never help us. Prove them wrong, O Lord, by letting the light of your face shine down upon us.

(From Psalm 4:1-5, LB)

What is your crop friend? There is no crop as rewarding as the love of God poured out on you. us.

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