Biggest Person I Know

The biggest person I know is not wearing a size 24 top or a size 16 shoe. They aren’t aflame in temper as the grumpiest or crankiest might be. They aren’t even the social inept, the meekest, the pushiest or the homeliest. Still they live in the extreme.

Something awful happened to them and they are in the biggest change of their life. Do they wallow in self pity? Cry out in shame? Fling their life away in a torrent of giving up-ness? Yearn for suicide, yet do not have the courage.

No they do not. They face their hardest life event with courage and mountainous strength. They smile when smiling is hard. They take their punches and roll with them.

They are Daniel in the lion’s den, and Paul joyfully in prison. They are Stephen at his stoning and Peter crucified upside down.

They are you and me when a job disappears, a child disappoints or a spouse dies. They are you and me recovering from abuse issues, walking our way through a divorce or a major illness. They are you and me, trusting God, no matter what circumstances or events prevail upon us.

They are us when we stand with a friend, care for an elderly parent or just get up in the morning, just because it’s the right thing to do.  We determine to face another day of   “This is TOO HARD, but I am going to do it anyway. The biggest person I know is you. Thanks for being my example.

Prayer -Thanks God, for believers that continue to stand for you no matter what. Amen

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