Bless This Mess

My friend proudly displays this sign in her entrance hall. ‘Lord, please bless this mess.’ It’s her excuse for a life of untidy clutter and just plain dirt. She blames the dog, the cat, her children and her husband for everything from the sinkful of dirty dishes to the newspapers covering the dining room table.

Of course one person shouldn’t have to clean up after everybody else, but someone has to lead the home and teach graceful living.

Discover your new hubby doesn’t close closet doors or put laundry in the wash baskets? Chews with his mouth open?  Where do you think he learned that? That’s right. He learned it at his first home. Now he is making a new home with you. It’s time for new habits so that your little ones  leave home in better shape.

Slack habits and sloppy work are as bad as vandalism. Proverbs 18:9, MSG

Prayer- Lord, what on earth would you think if you had to live in our homes? Forgive us. In Christ. Amen

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