Break-In Protection

Help prevent break-ins and robberies by following these simple rules. 

Keep your windows and doors locked at all time.

 Lock your vehicles. I even lock my car while I pump gas. 

Don’t leave valuables in plain view through windows. Draw blinds.

Install motion sensor lights and sturdy locks.

 Change your passcodes regularly and do not carry them on your person.

Trim trees and hedges that allow easy hiding or access to your house.

Stop telling your life on social media. Burglars love to know when you are on holidays. 

If you are going away, make sure someone picks up your newspapers etc.

Be sure someone is cutting your grass and keeping the place looking ‘lived in.’

Change the locks when you move into a new place. Upgrade to stronger lighting.

Does your home look like someone broke in? Don’t investigate. Call the police.

If thieves came to you, if robbers in the night— oh, what a disaster awaits you! — would they not steal as much as they wanted?

(Obadiah 1:5)

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