Feeling God’s Presence While Bathing Your Baby

Baby had her first bubble bath tonight.  It was utter frivolity for mommy and baby, bubbles and plastic frogs, squeals and wet kisses. The sheer innocence of baby’s beauty ensconced in white snow-like wonder was a sight to behold.  Baby’s eyes were large and full of awe as she examined the mysterious foam. With great glee she pounded her little fists into the water and splashed and tossed the bubbles about. 

Normally, we are all business in the bath. First we wash hair, scrub with soap, rinse and towel dry.  I can get baby in and out in 3 minutes flat.  But tonight… well tonight, we lingered and reveled in the pure joy of it all.  The water was warm and the menthol bath stimulated my nose and heightened my senses. I couldn’t bear to rush this moment.  It was too pure, too beautiful and so delightful; I never wanted it to end.

I wish I could push pause and stop the hands of time.  Catch her giggles that erupt from her chubby belly, bottle up her baby fresh smell, and freeze-frame my husband’s face as paternal pride washes over him every time he catches a glimpse of his darling girl.  These are the moments when heaven and earth blur, and I know that love existed long before time began.  It is when God whispers to me that His love is like the bubble bath.

He is the doting Father creating a world of mystery and magnificent design, just like the bubble bath, reveling in our wonderment and awe. He longs to hear us belly laugh, treasures all our first steps, and carries our smile around in His pocket, so proud to show off his darling children; despite our missteps, and despite our sin, he sees only a beautiful child covered in foam.  We go into the bubble bath dirty and come out squeaky clean, delighted in, and clothed in a large puppy towel, wearing a hood of His son’s righteousness. 

And so a simple bath, a sweet baby and a few bubbles reveal to me another facet of God’s enduring love.  A truth so profound it rocks me to my core…I am renewed and forgiven, cherished and treasured because of His love.  Therefore tonight, oh tonight…He is lingering over us with His love. 

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