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For centuries, the shrewdest governmental leaders have recognized that the public (although not today’s federal prosecutors, perhaps) will forgive nearly any sin they commit–up to and including homicide–if only the…

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In the wake of Barack Obama’s election, I’ve heard disquieting reports in the small town where I live. I’ve encountered Christians certain Obama is the Antichrist. They’re not joking. They…

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Conscientious parents, whether or not they’re religious, hope their teenagers will avoid sexual activity as long as possible. The dangers of teen sex are obvious: emotional upheavals, unplanned pregnancies, STDs.…

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The American Family Association ( publishes a “naughty or nice” list, so to speak, of major retailers based on whether they are “Christmas-friendly.” Among the retailers making the pro-Christmas list…

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The December 9 arrest of Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich—who is accused, among other misdeeds, of trying to sell the U.S Senate seat left vacant by Barack Obama–provoked speculation that Illinois…

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In the first response to my initial blog entry, Liz Mandrell poses the central conundrum that arises when we argue, as I did, that God ultimately chooses who will hold…

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