Cat’s Cradle

I never even mastered the Cat’s Cradle, a string figure likely originating from the human habit of fiddling. Loops of string or thread are looped, dropped and threaded or twisted through other loops to make intricate designs. I’m only familiar with ones made with fingers but apparently some involve use of toes, knees, elbows and mouth!

The Bible speaks of winged angelic figures (Exodus 25:18), figures of gold (1 Samuel 6:8, 15), figures of cherubim (1 Kings 6:29), and even figures of oxen (2 Chronicles 4:3) but in John 16:25, Jesus tells his disciples that he will no longer speak in figures (of speech) but in plain words.

I have told you these things in parables (veiled language, allegories, dark sayings); the hour is now coming when I shall no longer speak to you in figures of speech, but I shall tell you about the Father in plain words and openly (without reserve) (AMP).

I like that and so did the disciples.

John 16:29 (AMP)- His disciples said, Ah, now You are speaking plainly to us and not in parables (veiled language and figures of speech.)

So then, let me speak in plain words as well. You can have a have a personal relationship with God. All you have to do is ask.

Prayer: Dear Lord Jesus, I believe that you are the Son of God and that you died on the cross to pay the price for my sin. I believe that you rose from the dead and that you are alive right now. Please come into my life, forgive my sin. Make me a member of your family. I now turn from going my own way. I want you to be the center of my life. Thank you for your gift of eternal life and for your Holy Spirit who has come to live in me. Amen.

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