Christian Is as Christian Does

There you have it. You say you are a Christian? Then let me see that in your life. Do something. Don’t just sit there. Stop believing things about Jesus and instead believe in Jesus himself.

Perhaps the better question should be not are you a Christian; instead we should ask are you a disciple. A disciple is one who follows their teacher and his teachings.

Which ‘Christian’ category do you fall into?

Are you a Christian because your mommy was?

Are you a Christian only on special holidays like Easter and Christmas?

Are you a Christian who sits in every Sunday service but is ethically a liar and a cheat?

Or are you a Christian who lives up to the Bible and its teachings?

You get the idea. And so I ask you again. Truthfully now, be truthful at least to your own self.

Are you a Christian?

Prayer- Lord, speak to each of us, Lord. Show us our true identity and help us choose the better one. Amen.

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