Close to 2021

What are you holding in your hands as we go forward into the new year? Your past failures? Your bad actions? Your falling in with bad company? Your bad treatment of friends and neighbours? Your judgmental attitudes? Your poor parenting?

Why carry them with you into the New Year? Why would you want those wearisome burdens? The past hinders your future.

 Dump them now friends. Start over in the fresh footsteps of Jesus. Some Bible characters got it wrong. You don’t have to be one of them.

In God’s opinion, Amon lived an evil life, just like his father Manasseh. He totally deserted the God of his ancestors; he did not live God’s way. (See 2 Kings 21:19-22, MSG)

But as far as God was concerned, Omri set new records in evil, such an empty-headed, empty-hearted life! (See 1 Kings 16:25-26, MSG)

But Uzziah…Uzziah behaved well in the eyes of God, a loyal seeker of God, well trained to live in reverent obedience before God, and God prospered him. (See 2 Chronicles 26:3-5, MSG)

Its not too late to take after Uzziah who took after God!

Prayer- Father, help us live like Uzziah. Amen.

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