Cubs Fans For Eternity

Many Christians have well-defined ideas of what eternity might look like.

Now a Chicago cemetery is offering a permanent “seat” for a team that seemingly may take forever to win it all.

Chicago Cubs fan Dennis Muscari has created Beyond the Vines, a section of the Bohemian National Cemetery on Chicago’s North Side reserved for fans of the team that hasn’t won the World Series in 101 years, by far the largest championship drought in any sport.

A brick wall in the cemetery is festooned with vines and “400” in yellow paint to mimic the center field wall at Wrigley Field. A window faces out where friends and family can view urns of loved ones.

Muscari calls the area “skyboxes” for the 288 “season ticket holders” of the park.

There are a wide range of prices for placement in the cemetery display, including the $5,200 “Grand Slam” which begins with on-site cremation and placement in the red, white and blue Cubbie urn. By the way, the urn itself is $800 separate from the package deal.

My tag line here at Everyday Christian plus my Twitter and Facebook profiles all identifies me as a lifelong Cubs fan.

I’ve joked with my wife numerous times about having my ashes spread at Wrigley Field when I die, something that does actually happen quite a bit. She, my friends and family routinely use my Cub loyalties as a source of ribbing.

Funerals, memorials and burials can say a great deal about the deceased. Having your life’s memory be so wrapped up in a professional baseball team with multi-million dollar athletes that change on rosters so quickly may seem extreme.

However, plans are already in the works to expand the cemetery’s Cubs “seating” into left- and right-field displays.



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