Dear Spouse

When I was small and very young and knew no thing at all,

I kept my thoughts to my own self and life was but a ball.

I took on no thing that was not mine. My life was free of care.

I choose me over even you with no one thought to spare.

I fed my me with all my strength. I gave me all my me

And took not care for you or she or they or even He.

But one day I grew and found Him, the He to be my King

Then I gave care to all of you with all my heart could bring.

I thought that if I kept you well, my stand with Christ would grow.

I would be all He’d ever want while others did the sow.

But I was wrong, yes, oh so wrong about what is dear to Him.

He must be first, not you, not me. Our needs are now quite slim.

In first place, no doubt at all, His love for me is true

I sense his path for me is to love Him more than you.

His grace is all that counts, you see. What he is, changes me

And while I love you still, He is first love, will always be.

But do not feel pain and loss. The love I share with Him

Makes what I feel for you, dear heart, strong and true, not grim.

For all that love He gives me, I pour it on you, dear

And now you too have found him, our path with Christ is clear.

by Brenda J Wood


Who do you love more? Is it your spouse, your children or some other? Friends it must only be God who takes first place in our hearts.

Jesus replied: “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’(Matthew 22:37, NIV)

Prayer- Lord, help us to see our first love clearly and act accordingly. Amen.

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