Describing Your Land

As they went out to survey the land, Joshua charged them: “Go. Survey the land and map it. Then come back to me and I will cast lots for you here at Shiloh in the presence of God.”

(Joshua 18:8, MSG)

I challenge us today to take a survey of our selves. Let’s take a look at who we really are in our own eyes and maybe yes, in God’s.

I spent quite a while on this today and here are some of the things I listed. 

-Contentment with what I have

-Refusal to take offence and with God’s help work through any and all

-Health news (this list is private!)

-Published three new books during the shutdown

-Struggle with overeating. (yes, both good and bad truths belong on your list!)

I realized that some of the things I fuss over are long settled in God’s eyes. It’s just really satisfying personally to know where you stand.

Where is that?

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