Everything Old

These are comments I heard as a child in my parents’ home or in their circle of friends:

“If cigarettes get over 25 cents a pack, I’ll have to give up smoking!” (Nobody did!)

“Soon we won’t be able to afford groceries.” (Bread cost about 20 cents a loaf!)

“If they raise the minimum wage, we can’t afford outside help!” (about $1.00 an hour in the fifties!)

“No long trips for us. Gas is up to 25 cents a gallon.”

“Fast food restaurants will never catch on.”

“Why are they teaching kids how to use fancy appliances in their Home Economics class? They’ll never be able to afford any of that stuff.”

Yes, we still gripe about the same old things. Everything old is new again. We ought to see the Gospel that way too. Old? Yes. New? Definitely.

Let’s chat about that shall we?

Prayer – Lord, help us see the Gospel through new eyes, for Christ who made it so. Amen

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