Yes it’s an extra day today; a day to do more of the same as usual or a day to rejoice in all the extra time it provides.

Hezekiah got to re-arrange his time.

“This will be your sign from God,” said Isaiah, “that God is doing what he said he’d do: Do you want the shadow to advance ten degrees on the sundial or go back ten degrees? You choose.”

 Hezekiah said, “It would be easy to make the sun’s shadow advance ten degrees. Make it go back ten degrees.” (2 Kings 20:9-10, MSG)

Our circumstances won’t rearrange how many hours we have to use in a day, like they did for Hezekiah, but today is still an extra day this year. Let’s use it wisely.

Prayer – Lord the older we get, the less time we seem to have. Help us use your time wisely, because the time is short! (1 Corinthians 7:29a, KJV) Amen

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