Gay marriage battle lines drawn in Maine

The battle lines have now been clearly drawn in the Maine gay marriage debate.

With the submission of 100,000 signatures, gay marriage opponents must now take the momentum built from their drive and turn it into a broad appeal amongst secular independents.

Gay marriage proponents already have the law on their side and the argument that gay marriage has already passed in three other New England states, including Massachusetts for five years.

With mid-term Congressional elections still a long way off, this debate will, and should, garner national attention the nearer November draws.

No matter your stance on this issue make no mistake – Maine is this year’s California. The impact and intensity of debate will likely mirror last year’s fight over Proposition 8.

Gay marriage proponents have yet to see a law passed or upheld outside of the courts or state legislatures. An affirmation on the part of ordinary citizens at the ballot box would redefine the debate moving elsewhere in the country, something both sides are acutely aware of.

Watching the developments closely over the next three months will be important, as we will do here too at Everyday Christian.


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