Getting The Message Of Christ Across

There are many kinds of communication available to further the Great Commission. Here are some of them. The telephone has always been around with text messaging and e-mails now in common usage. On the other hand, if you are old fashioned like me we like to talk with people one on one.

When we become Christians, it is important to tell about our experience. However, how do we tell our parents or spouses? Those that live the closest to us are sometimes the hardest to communicate with. After all, they have grown up with us, and for some reason will remember the wrong things we have done.

Before accepting Christ, I rode with a motorcycle club and my family kept well away from me. Then Christ came into my life; they even moved further. Gradually over time, they started talking to me. It has now been 28 years and they are still suspicious, but I know God is working in their lives.

When I first came to the Lord, He blessed me big time. My neighbors saw this and were forever asking for food. I would place tracts in the bottom of a bag of flour and among the slices of bread. Two of those people have since become Christians.

They were not academics. They were just simple people like me. Is witnessing really so hard to do? Jesus spoke to the academics of his day in plain simple language. Should it be so hard for us? As a writer, I tend to show rather than tell.

Years ago, I used to run a house church with young people. This is what I told them: If you cannot tell your family what has happened in your life then show them. Be Jesus to them.

Without having to be told, just get up and do the dishes. Sweep the kitchen floor. Take out the trash. Instead of complaining when asked to do something, be helpful. Clean the toilets. Believe me, it takes a while but your family will notice a difference and them they will begin to ask questions – and there is your opening.

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