Going to War

I still struggle with stuff that I wish I had already overcome. I expect you aren’t that much different from me. We are into short tempers, gossip, selfishness and more. Just when we think we have it all under control, up pops another one.

Why of why do we still fight off those same bad habits? When we became Christians, God could have zapped them out of existence. Why didn’t he?

Here is the answer.

These are the nations the Lord left to test Israel. They were left to test all those who had not fought in any of the wars in Canaan. So the children of the people of Israel who had not fought in wars might be taught about war. Judges 3:1-2, NLV)

We are fighting a war and while it would be nice to never have to do that, we must know how so that if a new war appears we will know what to do.

And sadly there are always new wars among us.

What starts wars and fights among you? Is it not because you want many things and are fighting to have them? (James 41, NLV)

Prayer- Lord, help us to fight the right wars, in your strength, just as you taught us to do. Amen.

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