Gospel Music’s Best of 2008 Named

The list of “Top Ten Best Albums of 2008,” as compiled by the website’s editors and staff, follows:

Mary Mary, “The Sound” Mary Mary - The Sound

21:03, “Total Attention” 21:03 - Total Attention

Deitrick Haddon, “Revealed” Deitrick Haddon - Revealed

DecembeRadio, “Satisfied” Decemberadio - Satisfied

Fireflight, “Unbreakable” Fireflight - Unbreakable

Josh Wilson, “Trying to Fit the Ocean in a Cup” Josh Wilson - Trying to Fit the Ocean In a Cup

Newworldson, “Salvation Station” NewWorldSon - Salvation Station

Brandon Heath, “What If We” Brandon Heath - What If We

Crabb Revival, “Runaway Train” Crabb Revival - Runaway Train

Greater Vision, “Not Alone” Greater Vision

“With all the challenges facing the Gospel music industry, it’s always such an encouragement to look back over the year of the music itself and rediscover what makes Gospel music and all its sub-genres so rich,” said GospelMusicChannel.com’s Senior Content Strategist Melissa Riddle. “The artistry represented here has never been more relevant

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