Holy Land theme park plans week-long Easter celebration

Holy Land has added some new presentations this year, including Follow Me: The Road to Resurrection, which chronicles the ministry, trial, death and resurrection of Jesus; The Wedding at Cana, a drama marking the beginning of Christ’s ministry; and The Last Adam, an evangelical-based Broadway-style musical. Other events slated this week include a passion drama and an Easter communion service that ushers guests back to the place and time where Jesus shared his final meal with his disciples.

Easter week is one of the busiest of the year, according to park operators. Holy Land, which attracts approximately 300,000 visitors annually, is owned and operated by Trinity Broadcasting Network. The 14-acre theme park offers music, drama and historical exhibits that are intended to bring the Bible to life and share the Gospel of Jesus in a unique way. Structures and exhibits at the park are modeled to reflect the style and architecture of ancient Jerusalem.

For more information on Holy Land Experience, visit www.holylandexperience.com.

Photo: Jesus at the Qumran Cave in “The Ministry of Jesus” presentation at Holy Land Experience in Orlando, Fla. Photo courtesy of Holy Land Experience


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