How Election Results May Affect Christian Schools

Christian schools may be breathing a sigh of relief after Tuesday’s election. Contrary to popular belief, private schools cannot assume to be forever safe from government control. Citizens must help ensure this. This week, many of us did.

World Net Daily reported last week thatt, “An analysis by Shapri D. LoMaglio of the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities said the feds wanted to require colleges to “have a document of state approval … to operate an educational program.” Our U.S. Department of Education recently proposed that all colleges be required to have a state license, which would open the door to government oversight of curriculum and graduation requirements.

Colorado Christian University President Bill Armstrong told WND that the Department’s proposed rules were the “greatest threat to academic freedom in our lifetime,” but confirmed that the nearly 900 pages of fine print have been changed…for now. The rules now “contain 82 changes from the original proposal, including 'concessions' to colleges and universities, adopted in response to adverse congressional and public comment.” These rules are final, yet still subject to Congressional action. Tuesday’s elections certainly reset the Congressional table in favor of private colleges.

Many Christians are of the mindset that we have no place in government or politics. This is a sad misconception. In order to remain a people free to teach our children the truths of Scripture without censorship, we must ensure our laws provide for it. Without ensuring a limited government, those in power may make new rules paving the way for federal requirements such as:

1. Christian schools being required to teach safe sex.

2. Christian schools being required to hand out condoms.

3. Christian schools being required to teach evolution as fact rather than theory.

4. Christian schools being banned from teaching creationism.

And the list goes on. Once Pandora’s Box is opened, there is no shutting the lid.

Never underestimate our freedom and those who protect it. Our courageous servicemen and women are not all in uniform. Many sit in business suits reading fine print on our behalf. We must not only vote our values, but value our votes.

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