If it Sounds Too Good

Our local computer club keeps its members aware of fraud, scams and other nasty crimes. In spite of that, people continue to fall for them.

Phony Revenue Canada calls want payments on Visa cards and folks do it. Some, desperate for love, though it be long distance, wire thousands to faceless scammers in foreign countries.

We’ve been warned to drive away without stopping to remove any paper from our back windows. Thieves apparently set this up, and then jump into our vehicle. They drive away with our car, our money and our identification.

How is it that we trust total strangers and yet believe the worst, generally without proof, about our fellow Christians?

And why is it that I keep coming across these whiffs of gossip about how my self-support was a front behind which I worked an elaborate scam? Where’s the evidence? Did I cheat or trick you through anyone I sent? I asked Titus to visit, and sent some brothers along. Did they swindle you out of anything? And haven’t we always been just as aboveboard, just as honest? (2 Corinthians 12:16-18, MSG)

Prayer – Father give us the common sense, the discernment to decide between scam, fraud and truth. For Christ. Amen

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