If Only

I knocked a coffee mug off the shelf. It hit and shattered my Mom’s precious blue glass, long-stemmed rose bowl. She didn’t have many lovely things, but year-after-year; she displayed a perfect rose or sometimes a peony bud in it. I’ve continued to do the same…till this year.

If only I’d been more careful, the cup wouldn’t have fallen, the rose bowl wouldn’t be smashed and shards of glass wouldn’t be in my lunch nor would sharp bits litter the floor.

If only must be the most common remark we make when we look back at our actions.

“If only I hadn’t had that lunch with my co-worker. Now we’re having an affair.”

“If only I hadn’t run that red light.” Those people would still be alive.”

“If only I’d been less judgemental of my children, we might still be in touch.”

If only I hadn’t blown my diet. I could have been at my goal by now.”

Thankfully another ‘if only’ awaits us.

Mark 5:28- For she said, “If only I may touch His clothes, I shall be made well (NKJV).”

Prayer: Lord God, remind us again and again that the answer to everything is always Jesus. Amen.

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