If Pastor Jones Won’t Burn Korans, Phelps Will

Known for wearing the American flag upside down and picketing at military funerals, the Westboro Baptist Church has promised to burn Korans on Saturday, September 11 if Pastor Terry Jones of the Dove Outreach Center in Florida does not.  But it would not be the first time for their church to do so.

Westboro stands apart from most, if not all, independent Baptist churches and is in no way affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention who has formally condemned Westboro’s actions. The SBC’s website states: “We share concern over the unbiblical views and offensive tactics of Fred Phelps and his followers.” “His extreme position not only stands in contrast to ours, more importantly they stand in contrast to God's Word.”

In a statement released earlier this week, Westboro church claims: “WBC burned the Koran once – and if you sissy brats of Doomed america bully Terry Jones and the Dove World Outreach Center until they change their plans to burn that blasphemous tripe called the Koran, then WBC will burn it (again), to clearly show you some things.” (America is repeatedly written without a capital letter, probably on purpose to emphasize their written opinion that “God hates America”.)

Clearly, we have many who claim Jesus as Lord who do not know a thing about His leadership. My heart breaks for them, but also for the Kingdom at large as their atrocities reflect poorly on the name of Christ and those who want to spread His message of love and forgiveness. I will continue to pray for more lightning bolts from above to brighten the minds of those who call on the name of Christ. Will you join me?

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  1. Yes. Fred Phelps is an offense to anyone who considers themselves a Christian.

    September 10, 2010
  2. phoenixcat said:

    wbc is the scrappiest church in america oops dove almost upstaged them. i live in connecticut and nothing but lollypopchurches here .go go go wbc

    September 11, 2010

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