Invisible Writing

Have you ever gotten an invisible letter? I mean the text is invisible. This is how you do it. You set your font color to white and when your friend gets the letter they change the font color so they can read it.

I will try it here, hoping it works as we mail it through the system and put it online. The message is between the following lines. Change the font color to see the message.


You are a child of God. God loves you and his Son, Jesus Christ died for you. You need him.

Take this minute to ask him into your life, to be your Saviour. The message is not really hidden. It’s been here all the time but you haven’t been paying attention.


So did you get the message? There is none so precious in the entire world.

Jesus said, “‘Love the Lord your God with all your passion and prayer and intelligence.’ This is the most important, the first on any list. But there is a second to set alongside it: ‘Love others as well as you love yourself.’ These two commands are pegs; everything in God’s Law and the Prophets hangs from them.” (Matthew 22:27-40, MSG)

Prayer- Father, help us see the message and apply it to our own hearts and lives. Amen.

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