Job Hunting in a Slow Economy

Develop a job search plan

Don’t waste any time complaining and moaning about the economy. Instead take deliberate action to search every nook and cranny for potential positions. Be methodical about your job search. Fight off discouragement by working on your plan for at least two hours each day.

Take advantage of every available free career resource .

There are several free online resources or ones you can access through your local unemployment office. These resources can help with resume preparation, interviewing skills and related job search necessities. If you received outplacement benefits due to layoff or job elimination, make sure to use them. If you are collecting unemployment benefits, you will have to look for a job. Take advantage of every opportunity to apply and interview. Your local Department of Labor office will know of available jobs in your area.

Seek out former employers and friends

If you left in good standing, contact previous bosses to see if there are job openings that have not yet been made public. Ask friends to find out if their companies are hiring. Many companies have employee-referral programs. Your friends may qualify for an employee referral bonus if you are hired for an available job opening.

Creatively search for open positions

If you’re looking to try something new, look for jobs at fitness centers, hobby stores, or other places where you spend a lot of your free time. Look for appealing freelance opportunities that use your skill set. You can bring in much needed income while you search for a steady job. In many cases these opportunities can lead to full-time work as well.

Contact your church career ministry

If your church has a career ministry, contact it for job openings in the community or the church itself. Church members who are aware of job openings in their companies usually make known this fact to career ministry staff.

A word to the wise

If you have a job and are thinking about a career change, reassess the economic impact of your decision before moving ahead. The grass on the other side may not be as green as you think (Proverbs 11:14).

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