Laura Ingalls Wilder

If you aren’t familiar with The Little House on the Prairie, you should be. They are American classics. Oddly enough, they are making a comeback. While they were written from 1932-1943, Laura lived those years during the 1860’s to the 1870’s.

Lately, I’ve spotted her quotes in magazines, heard them on broadcasts and found them on my social media.

I wonder why that is? Can it be that we yearn for a time where people meant what they said? Helped their neighbour because if their neighbour went under, so did they? Are we longing for days of faith, and truth and reality?

Not a bit of wonder when we compare today’s world to what used to be. Oh, we can brag on wide open liquor places, brothel houses, sexual freedom, dishonest politicians and personal discrepancies and talk about how many freedoms we have and pretend that is all better than the good old days.

We are so proud of telling one another off, making our point, insisting that we get our own way…and deep down, deep down, we yearn for the good and true and faithful.  You know, the world of Laura Ingalls Wilder.

“Oh, how I long for the good old days, when God took such very good care of me. Oh, how I miss those golden years when God’s friendship graced my home, When the Mighty One was still by my side and my children were all around me; when everything was going my way, and nothing seemed too difficult. (From Job 29:1-6, MSG)

Prayer- Lord you know we can live the good old days now if we choose. All we have to do is put you first in everything we do. Get us started anew Lord, in Christ. Amen.

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