Making a Career Switch in Tough Times

According to CNN’s Gerri Willis, there are three tips you can use when making a career switch in these tough times.

1. Dust off your career goals and re-assess skills and career options.

2. Experience the job before signing on the dotted line by doing volunteer work and internships in the company or job you would like to have.

3. Use the time you’re unemployed to sharpen and develop skills of interest to future employers.

On the surface these tips appear easy to follow; but the pressures of continued unemployment and the frequent rejection from unsuccessful job search efforts can cause you to lose sight of any long-term benefits.

Unfortunately, the economy remains extremely fragile, unemployment is continuing to rise, and we most likely have not seen the worst where the shrinking job market is concerned; so you just have to be diligent and persistent and use every tip you can get to improve your chances of landing the job you want. You absolutely must keep the faith, remain hopeful and be constantly alert to sudden good breaks (Proverbs 13:12). Don’t give in to fear; keep your options open to exploring work that’s different from what you’ve always done. New businesses are opening and entirely new industries are being established. Search for opportunities in the most unlikely of places.

And don’t forget to make connections. More than ever it’s important to spend time building, repairing and maintaining relationships. Follow up with every contact you‘ve made in the past and while you’re at it make a few new ones as you contemplate a career shift in these tough times.

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