Me and the Shepherds

Isn’t that how it should be for us today? I first truly “heard” the message of Jesus 10 years ago and today I am amazed at the parallels in my story and the one told about the shepherds in Luke 2.

There I was just minding my own business, not looking for a “word from God” and yet He moved me to action, I made the plans to attend church the next morning for the first time. In much the same way, these common, ordinary shepherds were doing their thing when out of the blue came an angel with a message for them!

I have always loved the saying “actions speak louder than words” and that is true in this passage. The shepherds so believed all the angel had spoken that they “hurried” to Bethlehem to find baby Jesus. They didn’t just say they believed, they acted on their belief by seeking Him out further. After that first Sunday church service and hearing the message about Jesus, I spoke to my pastor and asked him to come to my house and talk with me–I wanted to know more. That night I asked him at least 100 questions with the final one being, “Now what do I do?” He explained baptism to me and I made plans to be baptized the following Sunday.

Luke 2:17-18 tell us that after they had seen Him, they spread the word about Him and all who heard it were amazed! They were not preachers. This wasn’t their job. They weren’t trained to speak. Yet somehow, it was as if they couldn’t help it–they had to share this great news! I felt the same way after my pastor left my house. I was so excited about all I was learning and the change I sensed was happening within me that I felt compelled to call everyone I knew and share my news! I called friends who I knew would not understand. Looking back, it makes me laugh but at the time, God had given me the boldness to share my story with my friends.

Luke 2 is about sharing our testimonies. We don’t have to be theologians or even well-trained speakers, God uses common people who have great joy about who He is and what He has done in their lives. When we share our real-life stories, those around us are impacted. There is no greater evangelism tool than your personal testimony. It is not offensive. You cannot “tell it wrong” because it’s your story. And, sharing your testimony doesn’t require great study or knowledge because you’ve lived it and can share it!


1. Read Luke 2.

2. Who in your life could benefit from hearing your story? A friend? Neighbor? Co-worker?

3. How can you more actively seek Jesus? Remember, actions speak louder than words!


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