Ministry awards up and coming Christian authors

Athanatos Christian Ministries of LaCrosse, Wis., honored young Christian writers for their works of fiction using Christian themes. Anthony Horvath, the Executive Director of ACM, said, “As a Christian, when one thinks about all the areas in our society where we wished more Christians were writing, the importance of efforts like ours becomes clear. Imagine what sitcoms would be like if they were being written by Christian writers. Imagine if the news media was packed with those with a Christian world view. How would our culture be different?” ACM presented its C.S. Lewis Award, its first prize in the 19 and Up category, to Michael Pape. His story, “Those Chickens, They Don’t Roost in Some Random Coop in Another State” is a commentary on the times resting on truths about the human condition and grace. The JRR Tolkien Award, the first prize in the High School category, went to Elizabeth Chance for her story, “Azrael.” More than $2,000 in awards will be disbursed to winners worldwide. Each entering author will receive the contest anthology. Link: Athanatos Christian Ministries awards:

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