Stop Blaming The Devil And Get Involved

A man was staying in a strange town and could not sleep, so he decided to go outside. While on his walk, he heard a loud sobbing noise. The nearer he got, the sound increased. As he turned the next corner there sitting in the gutter was a grown man sobbing his heart out.

Being a compassionate person, he went over, placed his hand on the man’s shoulder, and said.

“Son, it is going to be alright, things can only get better.” The man in the gutter stopped crying and turned to look at the stranger.

As the stranger looked down imagine his surprise when he saw it was the devil sitting in the gutter. Looking into his tear-sodden eyes, he asked why he was crying. “It is the Christians,” he blurted out, “and they are blaming me for all their problems.”

So often we tend to do this, we blame the devil when, if we are honest, it is our own stupid fault. Let us not give him credit when there is no need. If we are in right relationship with the Lord, there is less chance of this happening.

It isn't very hard to start.

Read your Bible on a regular basis. Set aside time to read it each day or morning — or both. Then there are home groups, which some may call a house church. Join one today that way you will also have some fellowship during the week.

Get involved in the life of the church. Shaking hands on the door is a good place to start, especially if you want to learn about people. Have you ever been on a church work detail? The Christian fellowship is priceless, not to mention those freshly baked scones at morning tea, and yes, we do get some work done.

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