Political Correctness-The Loss of Self?

I've been reading and listening with great interest all the hubbub about the firing of National Public Radio's (NPR) Juan Williams. It is on the radio, where I first heard it, in the newspapers, on the internet…it is wherever public communication is.

Since I am a fan of Fox News, I have often seen and watched Mr. Williams on several different programs. While I do not usually agree with most of what he says, I have never seen him be rude or crass, or disrespectful to others and their beliefs. He seems to me to be a very nice man, a family man, and one who has many friends, and varying opinions.

While I also agree he leans strongly to the left, he does seem to temper it with common sense most of the time. And while he can argue his point quite eloquently, he also listens to the other viewpoint.

NPR has a reputation as being pretty far left, and this has been known for quite a long time. They have fired Mr. WIlliams because of statements he has made recently regarding Muslims. He did not zero in on ALL Muslims, but he spoke of Muslims who make sure you know they are Muslims, and who dress that way, and may be on a plane with you. With him! He merely stated what many of us could say, if we felt we were allowed to say it….that it makes us uneasy. As it should. After all, that is who took our planes and killed our people on 9/11.

That does not mean we should fear all Muslims. Or any other group of people of whom a few have caused us harm.  But it is an expression of what many live with, and have a right to feel.

NPR actually was benefitting from Mr. William's appearances over the years, as he, being on the left, but nicely so, actually caused some of us to think a little better of NPR because of his public presentation, his general 'niceness', and his likeability. In one swift blow, they have pretty much taken away the last bastian of grace that was afforded to them.

Political correctness may have a place in some form. But we, as Christians, and citizens of this great country, must be careful to not hide behind it's cause. We must be forthright and truthful, and stand for the things of God. This also means we must fight for the right to say what we feel is necessary to make our point, and to take that stand. If we do not do this, then we bring shame to ourselves, and to our Lord.

I believe we can be truthful, but kind. We can say what we mean, but temper it with love.  We should follow the example the Bible gives us in Proverbs 10:9. If we walk with integrity, we need not fear our own words, or the words of others. We can be honest and true to God and self while revealing truth that causes strife.

I know Mr. Williams will rebound. But I hope his experience will shed light on all of us, to see what we have allowed our politically correct society to to keep us from being honest about how we feel. Let us move forward in freedom, honesty, and love, and speak what should be spoken, and share our feelings without retribution.


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