Prayer in the Square

The prayer rails were set in a square in the center of our church sanctuary, while the chairs sat in matching rows around the outside. Church was very different today.

We were forced to look at one another instead of the pastor or the music leaders at the front of the room. The pastor read scripture, and then he prayed for us. We sat through several sessions of silent contemplation. As the service ended, the pastor prayed that the Holy Spirit would seal what He had begun in us.

 “We cannot pray and remain the same. We cannot pray and have our homes remain the same. We cannot pray and have the world about us remain the same. God has decreed to act in response to prayer. ‘Ask,’ he commands us. And Satan trembles for fear….” (Ruth Graham)

Prayer- Lord, change us, we pray. Make us more like you. For Jesus who said “If you have seen me, you have seen the Father.” Amen.

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