Prayer Struggles

Funny isn’t it. We know it works, we want to do it, we yearn to connect with God, yet we struggle to find time to pray.

We look at Jesus’ directive in Matthew 26:40 (Couldn't you pray with me for one hour?"), then we feel defeated before we even begin. How will we ever manage a whole hour when we can’t even do 5 minutes?

Susan Harris has a great idea to get us all started. Susan says “I’ve found that some people need smaller doses of prayer because they may be new to praying or they have an overflowing schedule and not have the time.”

God gave Susan the idea to start with one minute of prayer and gradually lengthen the time. She even created a chart to help track success.

"Satan does not care how many people read about prayer if only he can keep them from praying."–Paul E. Billheimer

Prayer- Lord, our first minute of prayer begins right here…………………………Amen.

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