Procrastinate Never

‘Why do we procrastinate,’ I ask you? It is never for our good and it only holds us back. All our brain energy is used up in shoulds like this.

I should really vacuum today

I should finish that school project.

I should do some grocery shopping.

I should really discipline the kids for stealing that candy.

I should call my mother.

I should go for a walk today.

The trouble with the shoulds is that they become I wish I hads.

I wish I’d vacuumed before company dropped in.

I wish I had turned in that project so I could pass to the next grade.

I wish I had stuff in the house to cook a decent meal for the family.

I wish I had disciplined the kids when they stole candy. They might not be in jail now.

I wish I’d visited with my mom before she died.

I wish I’d been more active when I was able, now I can’t walk at all.


Don’t procrastinate— there’s no time to lose. (Proverbs 6:4, MSG)

Prayer- Lord, we have a list of shoulds. Show us how to tackle them one by one. Amen.

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