Reader’s Digest taps Luis Palau service project as nation’s best

Reader’s Digest has tabbed a project by evangelist Luis Palau as the “Best Service Group” project in the United States. The magazine singles out Palau’s Season of Service project (SOS) in the Portland, Ore., and Vancouver, B.C, areas. The article singles out SOS for its work in the Portland/Vancouver area with 550 churches, 68 non-profit organizations and local businesses, and 27,000 volunteers taking part in 300 community service projects in 2008. The second SOS in Greater Portland is now in full swing, running May 1 through October 31. It is part of a July cover story entitled “Best of America.” Reader’s Digest celebrates 75 reasons Americans should love their country. “It’s a practical way to expand the reach of the Gospel,” explains son Kevin Palau, the Luis Palau Association’s executive vice president and key SOS architect. “At the festival, Dad clearly proclaims the Good News of Jesus Christ. And in the months leading up to the festival, Christians unite to tangibly demonstrate the love of Christ.” Portland City Commissioner Nick Fish said SOS has provided Portland with a new understanding, mutual respect, and a spirit of cooperation between the evangelical faith community and government. “All involved recognize that we are walking a fine line between separation of church and state, but it’s a line that must be walked because of the monumental social and economic challenges facing our communities,” said Kevin Palau. Link: Luis Palau:

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