Reading, Writing And God

My name is Sam, and I am a book-a-holic.  When I fill in the blank under “hobby” on questionnaires, I feel like a traitor. “Hobby” is such a tame word for my love affair with the written word and it would be severely watering down, possibly even dishonoring to my favorite obsession.  My books might be hurt by such verbiage; it’s rather callous to call them anything but the dearest of friends. 

Some people like food. I like my books stained with food.  And though I am intrigued by the Kindle, there is just something so comforting, sexy even, about the dog-eared, highlighted, and scribbled on (usually by my kids) old favorites that live in my home.  Taking the books off the shelf would be like removing the sofa, or the TV. Quite frankly, life would be bland and wordless. 

My love of books defines my very essence.  I am a book-loving woman of a certain young “ish” age and my bookshelf reveals more secrets about my heart than I would ever admit too. Not unlike an alcoholic, I’ve hidden books in brown paper bags, so prying eyes can’t see that I’ve succumbed to another updated version of Pride and Prejudice.  And, there is a good reason I’ve never had a cute wardrobe.  When I hit the mall, I can’t seem to get past Barnes and Noble.  

I’ve noticed an interesting phenomenon from all the gazillions of words that have been liberally poured into my head. After all these years, they are starting to regurgitate back out, metaphorically speaking, when I write.  Fortunately, hundreds of books on theology have been part of my reading repertoire, and so Scripture is a part of this hidden vernacular.  But the real mystery to me is how God weaves himself in and out of any relevance that comes out of my clicking and clacking fingertips. 

I guess I stuffed in so much God; He can’t help but seep out.  I don’t intend to always write about God, but I can’t seem to help myself.   Every story connects to His story.  Each tear finds a purpose in the grander tapestry of his Kingdom, and ultimately, everything points back to my Lord.  And so, as I have lost myself, I have found a new voice.  It is no longer my own, but seeks to do the will of the one who called me out of darkness, into His marvelous light.

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