Refreshing Rain

We are supposed to bloom where we are planted. Try telling that to some of my plants. They must thrive on neglect because that’s about all I feed them. Yet every year the giant marigolds, peonies and other unknown beauties pop out of the ground to make a tremendous show.

That may be fine advice for plants, but this week not so great for me. I do not feel much like blooming. I am nothing but a dry stick, weeping more than usual, whether I like it or not.

In desperation, I checked for the word ‘bloom’ in my Bible.

Numbers 17:7-9-Moses spoke to the People of Israel. Their leaders handed over twelve staffs, one for the leader of each tribe. And Aaron's staff was one of them. Moses laid out the staffs before God in the Tent of Testimony. Moses walked into the Tent of Testimony the next day and saw that Aaron's staff, the staff of the tribe of Levi, had in fact sprouted—buds, blossoms, and even ripe almonds! Moses brought out all the staffs from God's presence and presented them to the People of Israel. They took a good look. Each leader took the staff with his name on it (MSG). 

So dry sticks can and do bloom.  Okay then, there is nothing for me to do but suck it up and bloom, especially since my roots are well connected in Christ. What about you?

Prayer: Father God, you send rain and snow from the skies and they don't go back until they've watered the earth, made things grow and blossom, produced seed for farmers and food for the hungry. Therefore, we, your currently dry sticks appeal to you for a downpour of the Holy Spirit in our lives. Ahhhhhh, refreshing rain. Thank you, God! Amen (from Isaiah 55:10)

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